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Sugar Cane Juice Australia

The Sugarcane Shop is Australia's largest supplier of fresh sugar cane sticks for juicng.
So we have created a directory of places through out Australia, were you may be able to purchase this amaziang and great tasting natural juice.

Sugar Cane Juice Directory


Click on the links below to find sugar cane juice in your local area.

The Suagrcane Shop Australia

Health Benefits

Sugar in its raw form can actually be beneficial for us. It contains vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. It is the processed, white sugar that has been stripped of all valuable stuff that needs to be steered clear of.

Cane juice has become increasingly popular in the recent times as global consciousness has shifted towards healthy eating and living. Cane juice in other words is an unrefined form of sugar, which is obtained from the sugarcane plant and goes through minimal processing. View More

The Suagrcane Shop Australia
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