Sugarcane Shop

The Sugarcane Shop

Fresh sugarcane, straight from the farm

Australia's largest supplier of Sugarcane Juicing Products.

With the growth of sugarcane juice in Australia over the last few years, and an understanding of sugarcane juice through other business interest The Sugarcane Shop was created.

Our experience of working with sugarcane juice over the last 4 years and along with our network of farmers who are constantly working along side us in an effort to bring this truly amazing juice to the attention of all Australians, has placed our team here at The Sugarcane Shop in a position to help other's who may be interested in entering down this same path, and supply them with only the finest produce grown specifically for sugarcane juicing.

We distribute fresh sugarcane through out Australia and have a number of products available ranging from Juicing Machines, Juicing Accessories, Market/Stall equipment and Business start up packs.

If you have any enquiries please Contact our experienced and helpfull team here at The Sugarcane Shop.

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